Diet is the most important factor not only when dealing with autism as we surely know. Creating the correct eating habits start  immediately after the child’s birth. Feeding the baby in regular intervals is the old fashioned but right way  the mother controls the  baby’s hunger. The baby can’t speak so the only way he/she can demand the food is by crying. But does he/she cries always because of his/her hunger?

Creating correct eating habits with autism can be extremely difficult. Consider all sensory issues, texture of food, taste, different from ours, different feel of temperature, even look. All these needs have to be taken into consideration when the child with autism struggles with food.

Vajecna omeleta

Do we always think offering a biscuit, a cake or a sweet is a reward for a child with autism? Or for any child? Don’t we forget  sugar is as much addictive as a cigarette or alcohol, so unhealthy especially for young organism? Can we remember about the moderation when consuming the sweet puddings or chocolate? Do we really think these food items make the children happy? Isn’t it more – sugar and artificial colours make the autism overexcited?

Today in my Life Skills session we made carrot fries. You probably think – what unpopular dish did you choose to make! But guess what – all the boys immensely enjoyed this easy little snack. And as a reward I had a nice gentle kiss on my cheek from one of them.

Carrot fries

Another successful Life Skills session – we made parsnip fries. And we all really enjoyed them!

Well, we said we do not agree on sugar during the day for a child with autism. Sometimes we want to be nice and we want to make our children happy as they are asking for chocolate every time we enter the supermarket. But – believe  or not – I know straight after my student comes to school unsettled and misbehaved that – he had the chocolate or sweets or cakes the day before.

When I was a child, we were having a cake on Sunday after Sunday dinner or around 4:00 o’clock with our Sunday cup of tea. We occasionally had one scoop of ice cream when we went for a  walk with our parents round the town square on Sunday afternoon or we could buy ourselves a sweet once a week when going home from school. Were we too limited? Or is it good for us to measure or limit what we eat?

Our stomach has got the ability to stretch as well as shrink. The more we put in it, the more in stretches, if we do not put enough in it,  it shrinks. Another words saying – too much causes the obesity and not enough causes the anorexia. So, my parents, I think measuring is a great tool of correct dietary routine. If you want to know more about measuring, just let me know via the contact box or leave the comment in below box.


And again, my parents, you are the roll models. You eat in front of your children, you cook the food for them or – not cook but buy, surely you want the best for them. Will you remember your parents when you sit at the table? Will you remember the table manners when you were little? Were you brought up strict or too benevolent – using the cutlery properly, wait for the others finishing their meal at the table, eating slowly and chewing properly?

You can’t imagine how important it is for your child. For every child. Be a good role model!



Today we had another session of Life Skills and we were cooking. So what unpopular food did our teacher prepared for us this time? Well, the session takes place nearly before the lunch so we decided to make ourselves a light starter. Courgettes with feta cheese and olive oil. The students followed the instructions very well, they washed the courgettes, sliced them on the chopping board, cut the feta cheese in cubes and then placed the courgette slices on the baking tray sprinkled with the olive oil and decorated them with the feta cheese cubes. As we had to leave the courgettes roasted for fifteen minutes, we decided to go back to the classroom to get ready for the roller blading. Roasted courgettes with feta cheese and olive oil were so nice and even the student who doesn’t usually eat the vegetable, ate every bit of this small starter. Yum, yum!


What can we do for our children, not only children with autism, because as we know the latest research revealed one from five children in the country is obese? Do you need advice? It is not easy but it is possible.

Soups in a diet

I was very surprised some diets don’t consider the soup as a regular everyday starter of the dinner especially in the dining rooms of schools. We need to bear in mind soup is a very important supplier of  liquid for the body, especially the thin soups (beef broth, garlic soup or vegetable soup) and the absence of it can affect the whole process of digestion. Soup as a starter helps with the digestion and the bowel movement. There are certain soups that can clear your body from the bacteria, acts as the natural antibiotics or can clear the body from any unwanted parasites in our body, e.g. garlic soup, some other soups help directly with the constipation so  laxatives are really unnecessary to take. I would want the soups to be introduced to our children diets, it would help a lot of them with the obesity, constipation, clearing process and digestion.

We should be also clear when we are having main meal. For me it should be lunchtime. It wouldn’t be lunch but dinner. And with the soup as a starter.

zelnacka se smetanou

Experience 1

We went to have a lunch in local garden centre the other day. We sit down at the table and were waiting for the waitress to bring our menu. I noticed on the other side of the dining hall there sits the overweight mum with approximately one year old little daughter sitting opposite her. There were some other women around the child’s special chair, chatting and laughing loudly, all over the hall. We ordered our meal and tried to make a conversation over the noise. After the lunch was delivered to the table opposite us, the noise eventually stopped. Sitting and chatting waiting for lunch I occasionally looked at the overweight woman. She was loading herself with chips she ordered, not one after another but full loads of fork into her mouth. In the meantime she was also loading the chips into her child’s little mouth opposite her as much as – at the end – the baby reached mother’s plate, grabbed a full hand of chips and stuffed it in the little mouth. Oh, common!


Returning back to the situation in the garden centre, my parents. As I was reminding you about the importance of your role model, the woman feeding herself and her baby was definitely not a correct example. If you watched the documentary about the nature yesterday, this was exactly telling us how important the role model of the mother is. Mother deer, mother lion, mother monkey and – mother mother! Let’s return to the nature, the mother of wisdom!

mummy deer and the baby

Back at school

Well, the autumn is here and we are coming all with colds and bugs and illnesses. It’s time to look after ourselves and make a nice herbal or lemon tea. We love herbals. Although – for the start – we were not sure about herbal tea without the sugar but nowadays we don’t mind anything. We love our Calming Tea, Break Tea and others from the Yogi selection. And – to add to our health enriched for vitamin C – we have occasionally a cup of lemon tea. This one we prefer with sugar as the lemon juice is very acidy. We all know about fantastic healthy properties the lemon is giving us – from supply of vitamin C to the ability to work in the process of detoxification of the body and speeding the metabolism. So we are not only getting healthy but also slimmer! The students love it!


Another experience

Ok, from the end of September we experienced a major change of the behaviour from one of our Bobbies. Whilst before Bobby was mostly co-operative and happy coming to school, he started being unsettled, unhappy and even – aggressive. Where is the trigger? What’s wrong? We had a meeting about Bobby yesterday and my suspicion I had-  that his diet was not followed or got wrong somewhere – was confirmed. Bobby is on vegetarian and strict sugar free diet. He moved to a different residence and  the whole diet routine got a bit out of the hands. Bobby was grabbing for food from the places of other residence clients, having sweet puddings, grabbing and demanding food when shopping and even people coming to visit him in the residence were bringing biscuits to make him happy. Consequently, Bobby coming to school, was aggressive due to access to sugar that was confirmed to be making him agitated and even worse. Luckily we have found the trigger an we can put everything back in place. Please, can we work on the diets altogether and eliminate the challenging behaviour…!

These are our tomatoes


Yes, frosts are getting in the greenhouse and the garden and we decided to harvest our tomatoes. It was a hard work to grow them but it was worth it!  Not to lose any of them, we placed the green and orange tomatoes behind the window inside so they have got the chance to turn red.

And we decided to make ourselves a healthy snack -lovely roast tomatoes in our Life Skills and we really enjoyed them. Better than sugar!

Bowels Problems

Problems with the bowels all children and adults (not only autism) can suffer doesn’t necessarily need to be sorted  by implementing the laxatives. The first thing we need to bear in mind is how we really explain the term for the ‘constipation’. Every human being has got different time clock of the body. Some of us will have the bowels movement once, sometimes twice a day, some of us don’t need it so often. We really do not want to interfere in this ‘body clock’. Generally the person is constipated if he didn’t have his bowels opened for three days. Then we need to do something about it.

As I said above, lack of soups in the child’s diet will lead to the constipation. Soup as liquid, and even some fibre soups, as peas soup, lentil or bean soup, are themselves fantastic means of opening the bowels. Nevertheless as we are not in favour in soups, we can offer red melon before going to bed, prune juice or prunes themselves. Dry fruit, such as apricots, figs or dates are beneficial for the bowels, too. If none of these help, we can offer a cup of herbal tea containing the senna before going to bed. It will definitely work!


Another solution would be the sauerkraut. But as sauerkraut is huge health beneficial, we will talk about it next time.

dusene kysele zeli


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